Currently, there are more than 180 alpharun community members from four countries spanning two continents.


Alphalauf Community Mission:

We help people to have better fitness, more selfness and well-being!




Karin Gutschi & Werner Gröbel

Chairmen and presidents of the Groebl Group

"The alpharun is a very practical tool for us. It helps us to regenerate our body and mind while running very slowly. We feel that this method liberates our mind and keeps us fit."



Univ. Prof. Eva Körner & Univ. Prof. Erwin Ott


"The alpharun helps us to reach the alphastate in our brain while doing physical exercise. This makes this technique so unique. You completely relax your mind and do something for your fitness at the same time. For many health reasons we recommend to practice the alpharun at least twice a week."