Alpharun Seminars in the US

For your body, mind and soul! 

Discover the alpharun - the professional style of meditative running! 

The alpharun is the unique combination of running and meditation - developed with military pilots! It makes you fitter and relaxed at the same time. Reaching the so called alpha-state helps to relax your mind and body. |Seminars with Dr. Johannes Huber, founder of the alpharun

Please show up in running clothes!

Alpharun Seminars:


  • Learning the alpharun technique (style and 5 phases) in theory and praxis
  • ABC Running drills to improve the running form
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Mental tools for running

Seminars with Dr. Johannes Huber, the founder of alpharun!
Take the chance and start to be fit and relaxed at the same time!

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