What is the alpharun?

The alpharun is the ideal combination of running and relaxation technique. It was founded by Colonel Eligius Adam, who was an instructor of military pilots in the Austrian airforce, and Dr. Johannes Huber, expert in health prevention and running trainer. 

What are the positive effects of the alpharun? 

  • Better Fitness 

  • More Self-Consciousness and awareness of yourself 

  • Natural Well-being 

What are the important elements of the alpharun?

  • The Technique: how you hold your arms, position of body, length of steps, right breathing, rhythm of the steps (160 steps per minute)

  • The five phases of alpharun: bodyscan (while walking), alpha-rhythm, alpha-state, personal phase (meditate in your way – many alpharun tools to learn), cool down.

  • The alpha-state in the brain: neurologists can show that in the third phase of the alpharun you reach the alpha state, in which the alpha waves (8-13 herz) of the brain are active and you feel relaxed and awake at the same time. 

This is the alpharun process – the five phases 

1. Body scan: self-perception, bring your mind to calmness through perception

2. Alpha-rhythm: a key word helps you to find the right rhythm

3. Alpha-state: run relaxed to the rhythm and enjoy  

4. Personal phase: many times the longest phase of the run. As an alpharunner you learn many mental tools you can include into your run: special affirmations, key phrases... 

5. Cool down: Consciously and mindfully post run walking in silence, take the relaxed feeling in 

HERE you get informations to alpharun Seminars