History of the alpharun


Colonel Eligius Adam, who was an instructor of military pilots in the Austrian air force, realized very early that after an exhausting flight pilots are physical tired and exhausted, but at the same time they are mental “jittery” and nervous. Therefore he was looking for a possibility, to relax and to come back in mental balance.

As a former competitive athlete, outdoor running was a possible recipe for him. After years of testing, with and without trainee pilots, Eligius Adam developed an unique running technique.

Together with Dr. Johannes Huber, who wrote an academic paper about running and meditation, they developed the alpharun, this meditative way of running, and made it accessible for interested parties.

With the help of neurologist Prof. Eva Körner, Dr. Huber made it visible, that the alpharun leads the brain into the so called alpha-state.

In the alpha-state you feel that your head is just free and clear. 

In 2013 Dr. Johannes Huber founded the company Alphalauf International in Austria, Europe. Alphalauf International now offers seminars in six different countries of the world (USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland).

 Prof. Dr. Eva Körner, neurologist (Oxford, Graz), says about the alpha-state:

”Through practicing the alpharun-technique the brain is in a state, in which alpha-waves (middle brainwaves) dominate the brain activities.”

”In this state you are relaxed but wide awake at the same time. That is the reason why alpharun is perfect for neurological stress reduction.”

Our Mission:

We help people to have better fitness, more selfness and well-being!